HISTORIC NUMBERS: 1,400+ Vote In Lakewood On Sunday As Momentum Builds For Avi [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

Roughly 1,400 residents cast their vote at the Lakewood Municipal Building today – a stunningly high number that is sending shockwaves throughout the state’s political infrastructure.

Incredibly, 23% of the voters who cast early ballots in Lakewood before Sunday were first-time voters. Approximately 8,300 people from Lakewood have already voted – leaving around 30,000 that the Schnall seeks to turn out to the polls on Election Day.

The massive turnout – which comes on top of several thousands in-person early votes that had early been cast since early voting began this past Sunday – comes following the unanimous call of the gedolim, rabbanim, and roshei yeshiva of Lakewood for residents to vote for Avi Schnall for Assembly.

Lines at the municipal building on Sunday afternoon snaked into and past the parking lot, with voters waiting patiently for their turn to heed the call of the gedolim. The turnout was so massive that the Ocean County Board of Elections sent additional voting machines to Lakewood to accommodate the crowds.

The turnout has turned heads in Ocean County and beyond, with Asbury Park Press reporter Erik Larsen stating that officials now consider the race between Avi Schnall and Ned Thomson to be a dead-heat, with the momentum heavily in favor of Schnall.

“We are extremely humbled that so many voters are coming out to support Avi as per the call of the gedolim,” the Schnall campaign told Lakewood Alerts.

“However,” it stressed, “we must keep the momentum going. With early voting now over, we will need a very strong turnout on Tuesday, Election Day, to ensure that Avi is victorious in bringing the voice of the kehilla to Trenton.”

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  1. Hello, we are voting democrat, so that after the election on Tuesday, The democrat team will see how many votes they need and somehow at 2-3am the democrat votes will magically rise over the republicans

    why not use the democrats tricks?! beat them at their own game!!

    • There is a backlash growing because of democrat policies. If you get out of your bubble, there is grumbling going on about it. Don’t get complacent

  2. Unsure why you keep slandering another yid when you are going straight up against the gedolim, especially after your baseless claims have been refuted on other sites already

    • The Gedolim were misled by the Vaad and other influential people. You are also lying about the things I have said being disproven. They actually haven’t been. You only see sites proclaiming how it”s just to vote for someone who is doing it for his own power. All I have seen is people telling me I’m wrong. I don’t post things without researching. I’m not a sheep like other people.


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