Leading Roshei Yeshiva Unveil Groundbreaking Steps Being Taken to Address Shidduch Crisis

As the pain of Bnos Yisroel grows over the ever-worsening struggles with Shidduchim, a large group of Roshei Yeshiva met today in Lakewood to unveil new steps that each Rosh Yeshiva will independently apply to their Makom Torah.

Led by senior roshei yeshiva Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel, Rav Mottel Dick, Rav Mendel Slomovitz, Rav Shlomo Feivel Schustal, and Rav Elya Chaim Swerdloff, and under the guidance of Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, the meeting brought together numerous roshei yeshiva who unanimously agreed to implement a new takana requiring bochurim to leave their yeshivos and go to Eretz Yisroel by third year Pesach at the latest.

While the exact implementation date is yet to be determined, the change is expected to take effect once yeshivos have adapted to the new requirements.

Crucially, the responsibility for resolving the Shidduch Crisis is not solely being placed on the bochurim. Girls are also being asked to make a significant adjustment by delaying the start of their dating after returning from seminary by one year.

The roshei yeshiva emphasized that the cooperation of girls and their parents is crucial, as the changes for bochurim alone will not suffice to fully address the issue. A comprehensive campaign is planned for the coming months to encourage, persuade, and incentivize girls and their parents to postpone dating for a while after seminary. Details of this campaign are forthcoming.

Tuesday’s groundbreaking follows months of intense effort, building on a pivotal visit by a group of roshei yeshiva to Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch in Eretz Yisroel several months ago. During this initial meeting, the group explored the initiative to address the Shidduch Crisis. Since then, Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch has traveled to America, meeting with roshei yeshiva who had questions or expressed reservations about the plan, further refining the approach and garnering support for this critical effort.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Want to solve the shidduch crisis?

    Stop nixing shidduch suggestions when references don’t have the answers to all of the dumb questions you ask.

    Ari Rosman

  2. Maybe we can start the boys going to elementary school a year earlier, like it used to be here in Lakewood when all the boys were bar mitzvah in 8th grade. We may have to adjust that it’s not too hard for them, but we then gain a year on the boys. Keep the girls how it is, or even start a drop later, and you gained at least a year. I’ve discussed this with many people and all thought it was smart. Maybe if we all want that it may work.

  3. Girls 30+ are ready to remain single for life unless their dream guy that was promised to them back in seminary.

    They have their group of single female friends to travel with and the cutest nephew’s and nieces to buy gifts for.

    So it’s all good.

  4. Forget resumes, answer the boy and the girl.Do they call their parents and grandparents every erv shabbos. Remember you don’t want strife in a family. Get rid of pictures.What’s beautiful to you?May not be beautiful to the next one. We need.
    To create a generation of midos

  5. How about the boy who wants to learn for 5+ years must have some support from the boy. By chasidim most is split 50/50. Finanacial support is a big reason why all the boys are single, they are waiting for full support from the girl. The ‘bais’ boys (many are) expect full support. The system is broken.
    Who said everyone should learn for 5+ years???


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