Bill Package To Combat Antisemitism Unveiled By Sen. Singer, Assemblyman Kean

To help push back against the rise of anti-Semitic demonstrations in New Jersey, Senator Robert Singer and Assemblyman Sean Kean plan to introduce an extensive package of seven bills that discourages anti-Semitic policies and actions taken by state affiliated organizations.

“In recent weeks, a disturbing number of anti-Semitic protests and demonstrations have sprung up throughout the country, with several appearing right here in New Jersey. Many of these protests are either deliberately, or unknowingly, advocating support for Hamas and, at the same time, for a complete divestment from Israel,” said Singer (R-30). “While I wholeheartedly support free speech, including speech I vehemently disagree with, New Jersey taxpayers should not have to financially support institutions that allow anti-Semitic behavior. This package of bills will ensure that organizations in New Jersey that take steps to support or permit activities expressing antisemitism will not receive taxpayer funding.”

“These protests have caused Jewish students to feel intimidated and fearful at colleges and universities. Further, some of the demonstrations have led to anti-Semitic speech and actions. This cannot be tolerated or allowed, especially by institutions that receive taxpayer funding,” said Assemblyman Sean Kean (R-30).

One of Singer’s bills would remove all State aid and other funding types to any university that divests from Israel—including if their endowment fund or any university subdivision, department, or section divests from Israel or participates in BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions).

Similarly, another bill would disallow any university that receives State funding from creating any scholarships earmarked specifically for and only open to students from a country or territory whose government is controlled by a political party designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. Department of State. Under this bill, the university would lose all State aid.

Additional legislation in the package include:

–  A bill to disallow any university that receives State funding/aid from creating a partnership, agreement, MOU, etc. with a University in the Palestinian-controlled West Bank or Gaza territories, punishable by immediate loss of all State aid and other funding types.

–  A bill to disallow “cultural competency” to be used as a hiring criteria at universities, punishable by immediate loss of all State aid and other funding types.

–  A bill to disallow flags of US Department of State designated terrorist organizations from being displayed on State property (including leased buildings) or university campuses, punishable by immediate loss of all State aid and other funding types.

–  A bill to require colleges and universities to pre-approve any tent set-ups or camping/encampments on their campuses, and to create a process relating to this.

–  A resolution to condemn Rutgers for acquiescing to the demands of the encampment protestors.

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