Lakewood Askan And Chaplain Rabbi Yaakov Wenger Launches Bid For Township Committee

Rabbi Yaakov Wenger, a longtime askan and baal chesed in Lakewood and surrounding towns, has launched a bid for a seat on the Lakewood Township Committee this November.

Rabbi Wenger has a long history of askanus and advocacy at the local, county, state, and federal levels, and is the founder of Chesed of Lakewood, as well as the co-founder of Lakewood Shomrim and the National Chaplains Association.

He was also instrumental in establishing the Clear Institute Cultural Diversity Training Program, which is currently mandated for all law enforcement personnel in the state of New Jersey. His highly acclaimed National FEMA Faith-Based Communities Initiative has since been implemented in communities nationwide and earned him the FEMA Building Resilience with Diverse Communities Award.

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  1. R’ Yankel Wenger is true to the name Askan. (Unlike the hockers who do some small stuff, take some pics and go to sleep smiling that their friends call them an Askin) He truly carries the burden of the people on his shoulders. Over the past dozen or so years I’ve gotten to see his true colors. He’s impressive and honorable, and a man of his word.

    He also recently publicly shifted sides against his feelings, to listen to the call of the Rabbonim and support Avi Schnall. He was very strong minded on the subject, yet once Daas Torah told him to switch, he didn’t just back down. He got to work, going all out to publicly support Schnall for Assmbly.

    This is a man of integrity, respect, and true dedication. He has my support all the way!


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