5 PM: Jackson Twp Invites The Public to Attend Its Master Plan Update Kickoff Meeting

You might have heard Jackson Township is revising its Master Plan. For those who do not know, a Master Plan is the foundational framework and guiding principles that set the rules for development in a township.  State law requires that such a review take place approximately every ten years.

To ensure complete transparency, the Jackson Township Master Plan Sub-Committee (“Committee”) is hosting a public introduction for residents who want to know more about what is taking place. The committee would also like to provide the general public with a forum to offer feedback and suggestions regarding this Master Plan Review.

As such, the committee will host a public meeting on May 6 from 5:00 to 6:15, to help familiarize the public with the Master Plan process and allow an open forum for constructive ideas.

“We look forward to everyone in the community giving their feedback and helping us build the roadmap of Jackson’s future planning and zoning,” said  Chairwoman Campbell. “This is a great opportunity to be involved in the process. This first session will be to discuss the process before us and the goals and objectives of the masterplan. Additional  meetings will occur to discuss subjects as we get to them”.

All residents and interested parties are welcome to be seated among the audience as the sub-committee opens this Master Plan introduction and PowerPoint presentation. Members of the public will have approximately an hour to make any constructive suggestions relevant to this process and will be encouraged to post suggestions on the Township website regarding the same.

“Community feedback and input are key parts of developing the master plan, and anyone who is interested in the process is invited to attend each of the public hearings we will be hosting,” said Councilman Mordechai Burnstein. “Transparency in this process is very important.”

At 6:15, the meeting will end, and the room and dais will be turned over to the regular 6:30 Planning Board meeting. The process will be repeated for each Master Plan element that is to be considered for amendment. The next anticipated date for a Master Plan public forum is scheduled for May 20, immediately prior to the regular Planning Board meeting.

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