15-Year-Old Bochur Stabbed, Seriously Injured at Lakewood Yeshiva

A 15-year-old bochur was stabbed and seriously injured at a yeshiva on Cross Street in Lakewood a short time ago.

Sources tell Lakewood Alerts the bochur was stabbed in the abdomen by a suspect who was known to him. The bochur was transported by Hatzolah medics to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in serious but stable condition.

The suspect was known to the victim, and Lakewood Police have taken the suspect into custody. The knife used has been recovered by Police.

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  1. No no, if it’s true let it be known. Let it get known if you plan to abuse anyone in any way your not frum you’re a fake and a sad piece of dried up Sheker. Your name and reputation will be ruined. Consequences are what keep people in line. If it’s a lie then it’s also not l’h. You have to know krum sheker when you see it. Issues in yeshivos have been mishandled for decades. Wake up people’s being yeshivish doesn’t mean your a good person. Being a good person means your a good person. Being a Ben Torah these days very very sadly doesn’t mean you’re not a rasha, not being a rasha means you’re not a rasha. If you live with emes and you’re a Ben Torah shkoyach to you. It starts during recess in third grade.

  2. Please post!
    Shame on you! You have no business posting the name of the Yeshiva where is you sense of morality and halachic consideration? Shmiras halashon applies to even breaking news. Only Hashem knows the amount of suffering you caused with your carelessness. In the future please consider the ramifications of your actions


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