BREAKING UPDATE: Company Recalls Candy After 7-Year-Old Lakewood Boy Chokes

The manufacturer of the candy that Dovid Aryeh ben Bracha, an 7-year-old Lakewood boy, choked on yesterday, has recalled the candy after a massive campaign initiated by the boy’s family.

The family tells Lakewood Alerts that Dovid Aryeh was eating the candy when the white ball inside of it detached, which he then mistakenly swallowed, choking him. Hatzolah paramedics were unable to dislodge the ball from his throat, so they instead pushed it further down to clear his airway and then rushed him to Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

At the hospital, a CAT scan showed that it had entered his lungs, and emergency surgery took place to remove it. Dovid Aryeh is now in stable but critical condition and is breathing with the help of a ventilator. [UPDATE]

In a message sent to all stores carrying Roller Dipper and Roller Ball candies, the manufacturer said that it has come to their attention that there is a safety issue.

“Please remove items from your shelf and return to us at the next delivery for full credit,” the message reads.

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