Assemblyman Schnall Calls for Action in Response to Record-High Antisemitic Incidents in New Jersey

Assemblyman Avi Schnall expressed profound concern following the release of the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) new report which highlighted a disturbing rise in antisemitic incidents across New Jersey. According to the ADL, 2023 saw the highest number of such incidents recorded in the state’s history. Schnall is alarmed that without immediate and effective intervention, the figures for 2024 could surpass those of the previous year.

“The data presented by the ADL is not just a collection of statistics – it is a stark reminder of the hatred and bigotry that continues to plague our communities,” said Schnall. “It is deeply troubling to see such levels of antisemitism in our state, and it prompts an urgent need for action to protect our citizens.”

While the rise in antisemitic incidents is alarming, Assemblyman Schnall is encouraged by the proactive measures already being taken across New Jersey. He commended the efforts of state officials, including the Governor and legislative leaders, who have not only recognized the rise in antisemitism but have also supported critical legislation aimed at safeguarding the Jewish community.

“This moment calls for unity and strong leadership,” Schnall stated. “I am heartened by the steps our state officials have taken so far. However, we must continue to push forward with initiatives that ensure the safety and security of all New Jersey residents.”

To further combat antisemitism, Schnall emphasized the importance of increasing funding for nonprofit security grants and enhancing security measures at religious institutions. He also advocated for more substantial support for local police departments to enable them to better handle and respond to hate crimes.

“Enhancing our security infrastructure is imperative,” he remarked. “Every religious institution and community center deserves to operate without fear. Increasing our investment in security measures and local law enforcement is a critical component of this endeavor.”

Assemblyman Schnall also praised state and federal officials for their diligent investigation into recent incidents of blatant antisemitism at Rutgers University. He stressed that while these efforts are commendable, there is a significant need for systemic changes to ensure that educational institutions do not become breeding grounds for bigotry.

“Rutgers University must be a place of learning and growth, not a haven for hatred,” said Schnall. “We need to implement comprehensive educational programs and policies that foster an environment of respect and understanding. The state must play a pivotal role in this, ensuring that our educational institutions are free of antisemitism and all forms of discrimination.”

“Now, more than ever, we must unite to confront and overcome the darkness of bigotry. Together, we can build a future where respect and understanding flourish in every corner of our state,” Schnall added.

For additional information, interviews, or comments from Assemblyman Schnall, please contact Shmuel Sussman by emailing or by calling his office at 848-245-9485.

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