Lakewood Township Urges Residents To Report Broken/Malfunctioning Streetlights To JCP&L

The Lakewood Township government today released a statement urging residents to report broken and malfunctioning streetlights directly to JCP&L, and to inform the township if streetlights are not being repaired. The statement reads:

Lakewood Township does not own most of the lights which line our streets. It is important to have functioning lights for the safety of our neighborhoods. JCP&L, the electric utility responsible for street lighting service, is regulated by the State Board of Public Utilities (BPU).

Residents should be reporting streetlight outages directly to JCP&L. They have advised us that, since January, they have repaired 350 lights in Lakewood, and like many industries, they have experienced supply chain challenges. JCP&L also informed us that they are investigating quality issues that have resulted in an increased frequency of streetlight outages.

To assist with our efforts, we are asking residents to report street light issues on JCP&L’s website using the either the location of the streetlight(s) or the “Pole #” found on a metal band affixed to the pole using the following link:

You can also report outages via phone by calling 1-888 LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) choose, main menu and state “report streetlight outage.” Once reported, JCP&L will generate a confirmation and a work order number for your request.

If, after ten workdays, the light has not been repaired, please forward the JCP&L confirmation/work order number to with “Street Light” in the subject line so we can keep track of the work orders and try to hold JCP&L accountable. While we don’t control the operations of JCP&L, we will do our best to get these lights repaired. You, the taxpayer, pay for these lights as governed by the Tariff. It is our intention that if the lights are not repaired in a timely manner, payment will be withheld.

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