Walking To Shul? Don’t Make A Chilul Hashem [SEE THE VIDEO]

Getting to shul is important; not making a chilul hashem is too.

Home surveillance footage out of Howell is making the rounds, putting all frum Jews in a bad light. The footage shows a group of men on Shabbos morning ostensibly making their way to shul and using a neighbor’s backyard as a shortcut.

The homeowner publicly posted the video, captioning it with his confusion as to why they “keep” coming into his yard. His lack of understanding of what’s happening is obvious and understandable – why should he know or care?

But the act of going through someone else’s backyard without prior permission is not only illegal, it is terrible for neighbor relations.

The trespassing might be innocent; they surely had no malign intentions. But the effect is the same.

If you want to use a neighbor’s backyard as a shortcut, or if you need to use a neighbor’s property for any purpose, ask first. Not doing so ccould make a serious chilul hashem and paint all frum Jews in a bad light simply by association.


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    • How about that Chilul Hashem is one of the most severe sins, and it’s very hard to do Teshuvah on it.
      Just saying it’s ‘the wrong thing to do’ is not enough, people might come up with excuses, like: “everyone does it”, “people don’t usually mind” etc. But, Chilul Hashem is something you have to consider even if it doesn’t really make sense or even if you are in the right.

    • Of course you can go Shul if you use a Public route
      If you to take a shortcut in someone’s property you have to ask them simple as that.

  1. If you want to go to a Shul course by using the public roads, but if you want to use the private property of a neighbor as a shortcut, you have to ask ,simple as that.

  2. As a Frum Howell Resident I can explain!

    The people are walking on a public park path and it abruptly ends, these people are guests trying to find where to go. This house does not have a back fence, the grass they are walking on is public property. You can tell by how they are clearly trying to figure out where to go.

    We saw them in Shul, they are nice and sensitive people.

    There is always another side to the story!

  3. Been there done that!

    That is a public path alongside the drain basin. The path ends in the middle of nowhere, and its confusing to figure out where to go

    Stop the drama

  4. I actually live in that neighborhood. What “Other Side Of The Story” and “Pinny” said are totally correct. The path is along a public property and there is never a need to go into private property for the path. These people simply weren’t sure where to go as the end of the path gets very confusing.

    Thank you Lakewood Alerts for feeding Anti-Semitism and posting a story without knowing the details behind it. You are doing great job trying to get the Jews wiped off the map.

    May Lakewood Alerts be wiped off the map as soon as possible, and anyone like you who tries to feed Anti-Semitism may you get wiped out very quickly.


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