UPDATE: Lakewood PD Thanks Shomrim, Says Incident Outside Satmar Was NOT a Hate Crime [SHOMRIM AUDIO]

The Lakewood Police Department released the following update regarding the disturbing incident outside Satmar on Forest Avenue on Monday night.

Although last night’s incident occurred in a neighborhood where a large portion of Orthodox Jewish families reside, there is nothing that indicates that Sanchez chose to menace the victims based on their religious beliefs.

The Lakewood Police Department would like to thank members of Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch/Shomrim who were present in the area and assisted in his apprehension. In addition, we would like to recognize and credit the victims for their efforts in providing pertinent information all while seeking a position of safety.

Despite the Lakewood Police Department best efforts to provide excellent service, we strongly remind our citizens that if they See Something, Say Something.

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  1. Shomrim never helps anyone. They only cause issues. It’s time we stand up and shut them down. They buff everything and never get any phone calls. Shut em down

    • The only person who can buff in town is hazer lasenfeld who has an illegal LPD encrypted radio. Shomrim members have no police radios

    • Pretty disgusting hate for no reason. Shomrim do wonderful work. You are probably part of the you know who cult of haters that’s sinking faster than the titanic. Keep it up! The entire town is sick and tired of the mesirah and glorifying of arkaos. “yesh didn, veyesh dayan”.

      • There is no hate you people need to stop with this hate word and making a mess of this go back to where u came from if u think it’s better o that’s rite u cant get your way make love and stop the hate and live normal


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