Tragic Petirah of R’ Yonason Fischer Z”L, 41-Year-Old Lakewood Father of 9 [LEVAYA DETAILS]

A Lakewood family spending Yom Tov in Monsey was plunged into tragedy after their father and husband, Yonason Fischer, suffered a major heart attack and was niftar.

R’ Yonason and his family of 9 children are residents of Lakewood’s Chateau Park neighborhood. He is survived by his children and his wife, Esti yb”l.

A levaya will take place Wednesday morning at 10:30 AM at 3 Calvert Drive in Monsey, after which the mita will be brought to Lakewood for a second levaya at around 12:45 PM in Rav Wosner’s shul (Chateau Park). Kevurah will follow in the Vienne Chelka in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

Yehi zichro baruch.

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