TAG Comes Out Against “Kosher” 24Six Media Player

TAG International has released a statement calling the new, ostensibly kosher 24Six Jewish media player “a step in the wrong direction.”

24Six is a new music streaming platform that allows listeners to hear only pre-approved music from Jewish singers and entertainers. It’s website says, “Have your values. And your music too. 24Six is the only vetted media streaming platform for Jewish families worldwide – with features that give you control.”

The 24Six platform is available as a media player device, similar to an iPod, which is locked to the platform and cannot play any music that isn’t vetted beforehand. 24Six is also available as apps on the Apple Store and Google Play.

However, the Technology Awareness Group (TAG) says that it’s not good enough and doesn’t have the backing of rabbanim.

“Digital technology is a relatively new nisayon and as such the parameters for dealing with it are not clearly defined,” the TAG statement says. “As in many areas, what may be beneficial for one person or community may be disastrous for the next. Needless to say, the people who decide which accommodations or compromises are necessary to help yidden in overcoming their challenges should be our Gedolim and Manhigim. Not well-meaning frum entrepreneurs!”

“The latest breach in our community courtesy of well-meaning frum entrepreneurs is the 24Six media device.”

“Of course, for those who have access or would allow their children access to iTunes or Spotify via a smartphone this app may be beneficial,” the statement continues. “Although even for them, proper guidance by Rabbonim and Mechanchim would have allowed for much safer options.”

“But for the rest of us the app, the device and the message they send are a very dangerous step in the wrong direction. Detailing all the issues and potential pitfalls of this service and
device is beyond the scope of this letter. Suffice it to say for now that each family should carefully consult with their da’as Torah
before adopting new digital devices and services.

“May the Ribbono Shel Olam protect every Yid from the nisyonos of digital technology and give us the wisdom and understanding to
make proper decisions in this complex area.

Rabbi Nechemiah Gottlieb
Director TAG International”

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  1. TAG is an organization that does have backing it rabbonim. They are a corrupt money making business. Mr Gottlieb is not one to make decisions for klal Yisroel.

      • Don’t even talk, Yes that’s what he is a “A Poshite Yid” the facts are that he is in a business to make money and profit.
        If he wasn’t in the business to make money then he’d sell it free/wholesale price.
        2nd you claim he’s something more then a “A Poshite Yid” with some brains and has no interest in making any money off his products then why don’t all the rabunim start doing what he’s doing??
        3rd I think I know a little more about this topic and the facts are that he’s mad because 24/6 didn’t include him in the deal, trust me if he was offered the a part of the deal with 24/6 he’d be fine.
        4th 24/6 knew that the product that they would be representing to the frum would obviously be accepted,
        I mean look at the product and the details… it’s fine.
        5th yes he did do a lot for the community but it’s not Okay to go down on a company and call them out like that. NOT OKAY.
        Before you say something like that Think.

  2. What about a statement from Tag about the Tag of Baltimore story?

    What about a statement from Tag about the Tag of Lakewood story?

    What Lakewood story you ask? Dig and you will find.

  3. He also said at the big woman’s event that text is from the big issues facing our community…

    Speaking to a crowd of many smartphone owners

  4. Anyone else wonder this?

    Gottleib says Rabbonim should be doing this…
    But what about your letter? Who in the world are YOU? Don’t you think Rabbonim should be writing your letter?

    Hypocrisy at its finest.

  5. Seeing such a letter is very sad
    I’m a long time supporter of TAG since the beginning I know tag is here to help yidden who want to kosher themselves from the danger of technology & those who can’t afford to do it by themselve
    Even due there was a lot of critic on tag like they’re the ones who supports using technology from my point of view tag isn’t klal Yisroels police they are just here to help you with your standards & your best wishes for your own gedurim
    Never did I thought that tag will become an advocate for a matter of option
    Of course there’s a lot of things that I may disagree with other peoples hashkaffa when it comes to yiddishkeit like I’m not ok with other peoples zmanim with what they wear & so called chasidish singers sing like goyim
    but when you open a klal Yisroel organization you cannot use the platform for personal opinion
    The mission of tag was to save us from the worset of the worset Don’t abuse this mission for 72 minutes on shkia & chodosh after passach How long your beard sould grow or whatever it is allowed to attend concerned or not
    I’m not a big fan of Jewish music how it went down in our days But creating a business model of Jewish music etc does not need to be manufactured by rabbonim (in my opinion)
    It’s your choice whatever it fits your standards (& btw every rav in the world has a different option It doesn’t go by a single askan running an organization)
    No one should have said anything when tag sold us the so called (damaged smart) business email phone

  6. I don’t see a single comment defending this letter. I’m sure “Lakewood Alerts” knew good and well this article will be good publicity for 24six and never for a moment meant to help TAG on this one. I’ll stick to Amazon music to stream music for now but 24six is a necessary and amazing application.

  7. The ad says that it is #1 recommended by TAG Flatbush. It would be helpful for consumers if the various TAG’s would clarify how they go about deciding policy. Who made the decision for TAG Lakewood? Who made the decision for TAG Flatbush.

    And regarding policy, which Apps for music does TAG Lakewood currently recommend, if any, and how are they different.

    What about Naki?

    TAG provides a great service, but I’m afraid they will lose their credibility without at least some transparency.


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