Red Flag Warning Issued for “Critical Fire Conditions” Across New Jersey

Thursday is a ripe day for fires to start and quickly get out of control, with the National Weather Service issuing a “red flag warning” for all 21 New Jersey counties for the next two days.

Dry air, a lot of vegetations, gusty winds and low humidity in the Garden State over Thursday and Friday will make a perfect recipe for wildfires to start and spread, prompting the warning.

“Outdoor burning is strongly discouraged today, and particularly high levels of caution should be used with any potential ignition sources over the course of this multi-day fire weather event,” the National Weather Service said Thursday morning.

Due to the weather conditions, the New Jersey Forest Fire Service has implemented “Stage 3 Campfire Restrictions.” Those restrictions include the prohibition of all fires in wooded areas unless contained in an elevated stove and using propane, natural gas, gas, or electricity as the heat source. Charcoal fires are prohibited.

Temperatures in the Lakewood area on Thursday are not expected to get out of the 50s, but starting a backyard fire to warm up is certainly a bad idea. Friday is expected to be warmer, with a high in the mid-60s.
To view current New Jersey fire danger levels, click here.
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  1. Lakewood alerts with a big colorful be of a blonde girl posing for a picture for a Touro College ad. How is that Lakewood? How is that Jewish?
    Can you put an end to this lust?

  2. Now Lakewoodalerts joins TLS by not posting comments they don’t like.
    I had a feeling that it was all a Shpiel go the beginning to “buy” readership.
    Fact is that site has advertisements that are repulsive for Frum Yidden and it doesn’t seem that they could care less.


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