RECOVERED! Minutes After Shomrim Puts Out BOLO For Stolen Car, Leads Pour In And Vehicle Found

Just moments after Shomrim put an alert for residents to be on the lookout for a stolen Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Shomrim hotline began receiving calls and leads quickly flooded in.

Shomrim members on the ground were able to use the information provided by the residents to identify the stolen vehicle’s location and recover it within just minutes.

This successful operation is fully credited to the eagle-eyed Lakewood residents who responded to our call for assistance, as well as the inimitable assistance of the Lakewood Police Department.

Lakewood Shomrim is proud to serve the Lakewood community and ensure its safety and security, and takes tremendous pride in the faith and trust placed in our organization by Lakewood’s residents, who were of vital assistance in the successful resolution of this pressing matter.

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