Pre-Trial Hearing for Rabbi Eisemann Taking Place Today

A pre-trial hearing is taking place today to discuss and set forth rules, procedures and dates in the upcoming retrial of Rabbi Osher Eisemann.

Plans for the retrial are taking place after Judge Joseph Paone granted the SCHI founder a brand-new trial on two charges he was previously convicted on, following the emergence of exculpatory new evidence and a brazen violation of the Brady Act on the part of state prosecutors.

The prosecutors have since appealed the granting of a retrial, and it is yet to be seen what will come of that appeal, though Rabbi Eisemann’s defense team has submitted a blistering response to the state’s appeal which absolutely eviscerated their arguments. Being that the appeal is both frivolous and an interlocutory appeal – meaning it relates to something in an ongoing trial – legal experts say the appeal is unlikely to be granted.

Meanwhile, despite the ongoing appeal process, Judge Paone is setting out the terms for a new trial.

Please daven for Osher ben Chana Frumet.

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