New Jersey Toll Evaders Fined Millions of Dollars by Port Authority

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey issued nearly 4,700 summonses in 2022 as part of a coordinated crackdown on toll evasion by regional partners, the agency announced.

The summonses issued by the Port Authority Police Department ranged from those for suspended registrations and toll evasion to obstructed/missing/fictitious license plates at the agency’s crossings.

Ahead of the activation of a new all-cashless toll collection system at its crossings, the Port Authority enhanced its toll enforcement efforts with increased targeted patrols, use of advanced technology, policy changes and business rules to strengthen revenue recovery efforts.

As a result, the Port Authority recovered more than $21 million in past due tolls and fees in 2022. The Port Authority pulled over each vehicle, issued a summons and impounded the vehicle or removed its plate and had it towed at the owner’s expense if the registration was suspended due to non-payment of tolls or was otherwise unregistered.

The Port Authority said it issued more than 2,300 Summonses Issued for Obstructed, Missing and Fictitious License Plates in 2022; More than 1,500 Summonses Issued for Toll Evasion and 775 Vehicles Taken Off Roads for Suspended Registration; and Port Authority Recovered More Than $21 Million in Past Due Tolls and Fees in 2022


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