MI K’AMCHA YISROEL: Lakewood Daily Paper “Vivaser” Warmly Welcomes Its Competition

If you’ve lived in Lakewood for any extended period of time, you are most likely to have seen the Vivaser daily paper. The rectangular daily provides its readers with various information relevant to the Lakewood kehilla – and does so spectacularly well.

And if you’re familiar with Boro Park, you likely have heard of  a similar publication named Luach HaTzibbur. Now, Luach HaTzibbur is expanding to Lakewood and Monsey.

But unlike some who try to stifle their competition and issue threats to sources and advertisers, the owners of Vivaser instead chose to make a massive Kiddush Hashem. In Vivaser’s Sunday morning publication, its management warmly welcomed Luach HaTzibbur to Lakewood, giving them a bracha that they should find Hatzlacha in their new endeavor.

As a hat tip to Vivaser for their altruistic act, Lakewood Alerts encourages our readers to sign up for their daily by sending a request to getvivaser@gmail.com.

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