PHOTOS: Meet the 16 New Hatzolah of Central Jersey Members

Hatzolah of Central Jersey has added 16 new members to its ranks from Lakewood, Jackson, Toms River, Manchester, and Howell.

Here’s who they are:

Tzvi Kaufman, Jackson

Dovy Greenberg, Toms River

Chaim Deutsch, Jackson

Asher Dembitzer, Toms River

Moshe Heinemann, Jackson

Yanky Bondo, Lakewood

Yossi Levin, Jackson

Ephraim Jacobowitz, Howell

Asher Hartman, Lakewood

Moshe Guttman, Lakewood

Binyamin Tobal, Jackson

Shauly Streicher, Toms River

Avrumy Schwartz, Manchester

Yitzy Weissman, Manchester

Nochum Freund, Jackson

Mutty Friedberg, Jackson

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