Maybe the Gym Owner Who Defied Murphy’s Lockdown Isn’t a Good Guy After All

Ian Smith, a New Jersey gym owner who made national headlines in 2020 for defying Governor Murphy’s lockdown orders, has been arrested for drunk driving.

Smith, the co-owner of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, was arrested for DWI by police in Cinnaminson, NJ in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

And it’s not the first time Smith, who is now a Congressional candidate running for a seat in the House of Representatives for New Jersey’s 3rd District, drove while drunk.

In 2007, Smith was driving while drunk resulting in a crash that killed a 19-year-old. He was subsequently convicted on both drunk driving and manslaughter charges. He was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison for his actions.

While Smith was seen as a hero to many who were opposed to Murphy’s lockdowns, he probably isn’t the best person to look up to. Perhaps the public branding some gave him of being a fearless fighter against tyranny and for freedom wasn’t the brightest idea.

An examination of his record – most notably killing a kid and now being arrested again for drunk driving – should make that clear to everyone.

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  1. Do some research before you post fake news and sensationalized headlines.
    He has denied it, and has a pretty plausible excuse, what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  2. As long as this site does not disallow the advertisements of Touro with pictures of Meidlach on this site you can’t trust one word that they post.


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