Tens of thousands of people are expected at the Levaya of the Mashgiach, HaRav Matisyahu Salomon Zt”l.

Authorities spent the night with Askonim and officals from BMG to ensure the proper safety for the massive crowd and to give the proper Kavod Achron for the Mashgiach at the Levaya.

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The Lakewood Police Department gave the following statement to Lakewood Alerts:

“It is with a heavy heart that the Lakewood Police Department shares the passing of Grand Rabbi Matisyahu Solomon. Grand Rabbi Solomon was endeared by many and we anticipate a very large gathering of those wishing to pay their respects today. In preparation of today’s event we would like to inform the public of the following:

· Forest Avenue between Fourth Street and 14th Street will be closed between the hours of 10AM and 6PM after all on street parking is full.

· Expect delays within this area as road closures will be in effect.

· Use alternative routes if possible.

· Parking is a premium.

· Shuttles will be available intermittently in the area.

· Please be prepared to walk. Bring comfortable shoes and warm clothing.

· If using NJ Transit walk west from 1st Street and cross Madison Avenue at intersections with traffic signals located at 2nd Street, 4th Street, and 6th Street. Then proceed north on Forest Avenue to 7th Street.

· All busses are requested to enter Forest Avenue at 14th Street and proceed south bound to drop off at 7th Street.

· Busses can park at the Lakewood Blue Claws lot located at 2 Stadium Way while waiting for pick up.

· Please stay with Lakewood Alerts throughout the day for any changes.



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