MAILBAG: It’s Time For A Serious Crackdown By Police

Dear Lakewood Alerts,

I have never written a letter before, but I’ve just about had it with the drivers in this crazy town.

I have lived in Lakewood all my life, having grown up in “old Lakewood”, near the Yeshiva. As more and more people move into Lakewood and the surrounding areas, the driving has gotten so out of control, that I think about “Bentching Gomel” every time I make it home safely.

People have zero regard for basic vehicle and traffic laws. Passing over double yellow lines, driving in the shoulder, texting, yapping on their phones while oblivious to their surroundings. Is it any surprise that we suffer from the sheer insane volume of crashes in Lakewood?

I do not know the solution, and you can all call me a hater and that’s totally fine, but it’s high time the police do a real crackdown. Like months and months of nonstop ticketing and arresting drivers who cross the line and endanger others on Lakewood’s roads. Until these Chayos learn how to respect the law, there is no other solution.

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  1. I agree that Lakewood drivers have no disregard for the rules of the road. However this is not because of outsiders moving in. These are mostly BMG graduates who choose to stay in Lakewood after Kollel. As long as we continue to blame phantom outsiders, this won’t get resolved.

  2. A) outsider are moving in changing and disregarding the current residents driving style and importing their way of driving, doing business and attitude
    B) the youngdt generations are growing knh amd know there is no checkd and balances. It’s lawlessness
    C) try getting a disabled spot at any office building or store and it’s all used by non disabled vehicles. Meanwhile developers have private spots that no one dare use. The township has to stop this game, enforce current laws and allocate properp parking for all citizens as the buildings do not have enough parking allocated for their usage. And stop reducing or using disabled parking as a solutions. The ration 1 of 20 or 1 of 25 and there is no allowance to not provide them or use them with out a placard.

  3. This hate mail is perfectly in tune with Lakewood Alerts general bashing of everything and everyone in Lakewood. He should try fixing his own problems on Brooklyn, before kvetching about our town.

    • I just moved to Lakewood from Brooklyn a few months ago and all I can say is I am uphold at the driving here! Every single person with a flip phone is holding it to their ear talking while they are driving and if you say a word to them about how it’s against the law, they look at you like you are from Outer space! How has this become okay, and to make such a chillul Hashem by showing the non Jews that we openly break the law and endanger others because of our selfishness? But hey, chevra, I guess you’re allowed to do that so long as you consider yourself a good frum yid for using a hand held phone!
      Trust me, it would be less of an aveiroh to use a smartphone with a bluetooth, thereby preventing chillul Hashem, as well as preventing harming others and preventing breaking the law. Only a chossid shoiteh thinks otherwise

  4. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.
    It’s time for you to move to Florida or Israel or back to brooklyn.

    • What a pathetic reply. But of course you have no other reply because you know every single thing the letter writer wrote is true. Defending it is unconscionable. For shame.

  5. I am totally maskim. The drivers in this town drive with no respect. I have been living here my whole life and recently the New Yorkers are coming in and driving like New Yorkers! Go back to Brooklyn. We don’t need you here. Start driving like a mentch!

    • O please, lakewood drivers have no clue how to drive.. i am a brooklyn driver i come too lakewood for weddings and honestly its pathetic when you come to a 4 way stop sign non of you know what to do! When someone is trying to make a left turn on a busy intersection you guys totally disregard him! Maybe be nice for a few seconds and let a car go threw!? Your causing more traffic by thinking you own the road! I have a ton of dash cam feed of lakewood drivers totally disregarding traffic rules.. (pulling out of driveways without looking, going straight threw a stop sign, recklessly driving in middle of a two way street….) no but its all brooklyn peoples fault…

  6. Having just visited from Baltimore, I can say that you guys are crazy to drive the way you drive. If you’re going on a Hatzalah call, I can understand that every second counts. But most of you are not. Do children have to be hurt before you wake up and drive responsibly. ואהבת לרעך כמוך is on each of you.


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