Lakewood Vaad Congratulates Aaron Lang’s Massive School Funding Victory

The Lakewood Vaad released a statement today thanking and congratulating Aaron Lang for the lawsuit he’s mounted against New Jersey’s school funding formula, which is deeply detrimental to Lakewood students.

An appellate court ruled last week that the funding formula does not adequately take into account Lakewood’s unique demographics, thus depriving students of the funding necessary for a thorough and efficient education.

The Vaad’s letter, which was first reported by Lakewood News Network, can be read in full below.

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  1. They also omit the part of R’ Aron tirelessly working – and finally succeeding – to prove that the public school currently fails to provide a Thorough & Efficient Education.

    This proof was key to being able to claim – successfully – that the reason for this failure is due to a lack of funding.

    The Vaad’s statement omits the key element regarding the failure to provide T&E simply because Michael Inzelbuch isn’t happy with that fact as it puts into question his $675K salary…


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