Lakewood Stores Join Historic Initiative, Offer Discounts To Adireinu Supporters

In a heartwarming display of Kavod Hatorah, numerous stores in Lakewood have united to show their support for the yungeleit of BMG.

Adirei HaTorah, the mission that has garnered worldwide acclaim, has been the springboard for this.

Ever since the Adirei HaTorah event, a monumental gathering of 30,000 this June 4th (15 Sivan) in celebration of Lomdei Torah, the community has witnessed a profound shift.

In a community that houses the largest yeshiva in the western hemisphere, people are renewing their appreciation for those who commit their lives to limud haTorah.

Now, as Adireinu, the daily giving program of Adirei HaTorah, launches — the reaction of the community is once again, nothing short of remarkable.

Lakewood businesses have come together and reached out to the Adirei HaTorah founders, extending discounts to anyone who joins Adireinu.

“In our preparations for the Adireinu launch this Sunday, we could have never anticipated this,” Rabbi Yosef Heinemann, from Adirei HaTorah, shares. “It is such a chizuk to see the community joining eagerly to show their support for our yungeleit.”

The response of the storeowners is just a reflection of the renewed appreciation for those who commit to Torah — and those who commit to standing behind them.

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