Lakewood Residents Furious Over Zoning Board’s Cell Tower Approval

Numerous residents in Lakewood are incensed after the Lakewood Zoning Board approved the construction of a cell tower on the roof of 500 Clifton Avenue – the senior living center at 6th and Clifton.

Included in those who condemned the approval is the Satmar Dayan, HaRav Mordechai Betzalel Klein, who wrote a letter published in The Lakewood Shopper decrying the approval and saying he is considering moving out of Lakewood over the issue.

Minutes released by Lakewood Township show that numerous residents showed up to the meeting in opposition to the cell tower.

Individuals who live in the area noted that the available studies to determine the safety of such towers in residential neighborhoods are not sufficient to prove that no harm will result from it to nearby residents.

The zoning board, however, refused to listen to the residents, people at the meeting said.

“They treated us with disrespect, like we’re stupid losers who have nothing better to do,” a resident who lives a block away said.

The cell tower was ultimately approved by the Zoning Board by a 5-2 margin, with board members Meir Gelley and Avraham Naftali the only ones to vote ‘no.’

The minutes from the meeting, which was held on February 7th but only released by the township today, can be read by clicking here. The discussion about the cell tower begins on page 4.

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