HISTORIC: Tax Credit Scholarship Legislation Introduced To Ease Private School Tuition Costs In New Jersey

Legislation to establish a program that would provide tax credits to taxpayers contributing to organization which awards scholarships to certain nonpublic school students, was introduced Monday in both the New Jersey Senate and Assembly today.

Officially titled “The New Jersey Student Support Act,” the legislation – which addresses the number one campaign issue championed by now-Assemblyman Avi Schnall this past fall, and is co-sponsored by him – marks a historic moment in New Jersey politics that could ultimately provide for real, tangible relief to families crushed under private school tuition bills.

The program would allow contributions to a fund that would provide scholarships for non-public school students in exchange for a tax credit.

Families with one child making under $200,000 would be eligible for a scholarship. That income limit increases by $45,000 with each additional child.

The bill’s prime sponsors are: Senator Vin Gopal, Senator Joe Lagana, Assemblywoman Lisa Swain, Assemblyman Gary Schaer, and Assemblyman Reverend Reginald Atkins. The cosponsors to date are: Senator Paul Sarlo, Assemblywoman Eliana Pintor Marin, Assemblywoman Margie Donlon, Assemblywoman Luanne Peterpaul, Assemblyman Robert Karabinchak, Assemblyman Avi Schnall, Assemblyman Julio Marenco, Assemblywoman Rosy Bagolie and Assemblyman Chris Tully.

The full details of the legislation have not yet been publicly released, but additional information is expected to be posted publicly in the coming days.

Agudath Israel of America’s New Jersey Office released the following statement applauding the bill’s introduction:

Agudath Israel of America’s New Jersey office enthusiastically welcomes the introduction of the “New Jersey Student Support Act “in the New Jersey legislature. This pivotal legislation represents a significant step towards empowering parents with the freedom to choose the educational path that best suits the needs of their children.

Agudath Israel of America has long been an advocate for policies that prioritize educational options, recognizing the diverse learning styles and unique requirements of each child. The introduction of this school choice bill aligns with our commitment to fostering a robust and inclusive educational landscape that caters to the individual strengths and preferences of students.

We commend the sponsors and advocates, including TeachNJ and United Education of New Jersey (UENJ), for their tireless dedication to providing families in New Jersey with increased access to a variety of educational opportunities.

“We look forward to engaging in constructive discussions and collaborations with all legislators to advance this critical piece of legislation,” said Rabbi Shlomo Schorr, director of legislative affairs for Agudath Israel of America’s New Jersey Office. “We believe that by working together, we can create an educational system that promotes excellence, innovation, and choice for all students in New Jersey,” Rabbi Schorr added.

In addition, we would like to recognize the tireless efforts of New Jersey Assemblyman Avi Schnall (D-Lakewood) who has invested countless hours in bringing this bill to its current form, and we look forward to continue working together until this bill reaches the finish line.

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