Hatzolah Of Central Jersey Begins Construction On A New Garage In South Lakewood

Construction on a new Hatzolah of Central Jersey ambulance garage is underway at the intersection of Route 9 and Halsey Street. Hatzolah of Central Jersey undertook this project to construct a new home for the ambulance and paramedic response vehicle that are currently servicing the south side of Lakewood. Creating a new home for these emergency vehicles will help extend the life of these vehicles as well as ensure that they are available and comfortable to service patients even in inclement weather.

In addition to two garage bays, the building will also have a new state of the art dispatch room, a training room and a nightwatch standby room.

The garage is being constructed on a property donated to Hatzolah of Central Jersey by Dovid Zions and Shaul Mizrachi. Hatzolah of Central Jersey joins the entire community in thanking them for their generosity and wish them and their families חיים ארוכים ושנים טובים מלאים בכל מילי דמיטב.

This project represents the first of a number of new garage facilities that will bez”H be built in the next couple of years in various neighborhoods, including Ridge, Cedarbridge, Toms River, and Jackson. These projects represent the commitment Hatzolah of Central Jersey has to serving our communities in the most effective and efficient way. Hatzolah of Central Jersey is constantly working on new initiatives and projects to bring the level of emergency medical care provided to our communities at the highest possible level.

The building is expected to be completed in nine months. For dedication opportunities, please contact the Hatzolah of Central Jersey office at: 732-363-5600 or email: office@hatzolahcj.org

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