Hatzolah Issues Health Advisory For TLS Readers

Hatzolah of Central Jersey on Wednesday issued a health advisory for readers of The Lakewood Scoop. Really.

Hatzolah said that TLS readers – especially children, seniors, and those with health conditions – should stay indoors as smoke from Canadian wildfires blanket the region.

Hatzolah has therefore recommended that TLS readers should limit their outdoor activities.

Now, one would think this is a health advisory applicable to everyone, but apparently not. Despite massive readerships on both Lakewood Alerts and Lakewood News Network, Hatzolah provided this warning exclusively to TLS. Hence, Hatzolah administration must feel that for some reason the smoke will only negatively affect individuals who look at that particular website.

Hatzolah has not provided a reason yet as to why it believes TLS readers are at higher risk of negative impacts from this serious smoke condition.

However, as a precaution, we are including the advisory issued by Chevra Hatzalah below.


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  1. That’s it
    Next time something happens I’m not calling Hatsala.
    What should they do, they issues to TLS because people actually read that.

    Hey Mod, don’t take this down – thanks.

  2. i never read tls since last year they ignored adirei hatorah event. they hate the roshei yeshiva, the yeshiva. i left ages ago. and so did thousands of others.

    guess hatzolah supports them exclusevly

    disgusting and shameful

  3. I am a Hatzalah volunteer in Jackson and can say that this has been going on way too long. Hatzalah is forced to send out photos of their new ambulances with a TLS logo on it lol.

    Who controls who?

    We know.

  4. if this is true, it’s insane, but typical if you know how this bullying, intimidation, and extortion has been going on.

  5. Lakewood Alerts YWN isn’t embarrassed to display his farbissenkeit in public, because that’s just the way he’s always dealt. So pathetic!


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