Hatzolah Adds 4 Paramedics As Its Coverage Area Expands

Four members of Hatzolah of Central Jersey graduated their paramedic schooling on Tuesday, adding additional high-level resources for the emergency organization as its coverage area expands.

The four new paramedics graduated along with many other frum classmates who are not Hatzolah of Central Jersey members. The new Hatzolah paramedics are Yoel Tesser, Yitzchok Meyer, Yitzy Lerner, and Meilich Esterzohn.

With its service base having broadly expanded into towns beyond Lakewood in recent years, Hatzolah has been working to upgrade its ranks, both in quantity and quality.

As part of these efforts, many new members from Lakewood, Jackson, Toms River, Manchester, and Howell have been added to Hatzolah of CJ in recent months, and its members who have received additional training as paramedics continues to grow.

“The added training of these four members will do much to complement Hatzolah’s existing services and allow us to better provide swift emergency care when it is needed,” a Hatzolah of Central Jersey representative told Lakewood Alerts.


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