Gov. Murphy Turns On Israel, Demands “Immediate” Ceasefire In Gaza

Gov. Murphy on Wednesday issued a demand that an immediate ceasefire be imposed in Gaza, releasing a statement that reads:

The holy month of Ramadan is a time of reflection and rejuvenation for Muslims around the world, including many of our fellow New Jerseyans. This year, however, it arrives at a time of deep pain and despair, not only for our Muslim, Arab American, and Palestinian American neighbors, but for all of us who are watching the ongoing war and humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

“Over the past six months, tens of thousands of innocent civilians have died as a result of this conflict, and at this very moment, hundreds of thousands more people – especially women and children – are at dire risk of starvation. Here in New Jersey, one of the most diverse states in America and home to one of the largest Palestinian American communities, we know there are many families mourning the loss of innocent loved ones who have died in Gaza due to this conflict. I want these families to know that we grieve with them – and that we share in their pain and heartbreak.

“In that spirit, today, I am adding my voice in support of the Biden Administration’s efforts to secure an immediate and sustained ceasefire by all parties that includes the release of the remaining hostages being held by Hamas. Such an agreement will allow desperately needed humanitarian aid – food, water, medical supplies, and more – to flow into Gaza, saving potentially thousands of lives.

“At the same time, the international community must also stand united in demanding the dismantling of Hamas, a terrorist organization that murdered over 1,200 innocent individuals and kidnapped over 200 hostages – including one of New Jersey’s very own, Edan Alexander of Tenafly – on October 7th in a brutal, premeditated terrorist attack. For this reason, it is abundantly clear that as long as Hamas remains in power, it is impossible to imagine long-term peace in the region.

“But at this pivotal juncture, we must recognize that the current course of conflict is taking too great of a toll. A ceasefire by all parties will end immediate hostilities, help pave the way for meaningful stability in the region, and set us on a path to a two-state solution, which will ensure long-term peace and security for Israelis, Palestinians, and the entire Middle East.”

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  1. At least he’s honest about where he stands guess their a a lot more Arabs in NJ then JEWS
    It’s all about the vote
    Can’t really blame him politics is politics
    And he’s focused on retaining his present JOB and eyeing the next one

  2. Hey Governor Murphy AKA Knucklehead,
    What makes you think anyone in Israel gives a rats you know what about what you think? You leftist have taken your proud state and dumped it into the toilet bowl. You’re the last person to talk and tell us what to do over here. You think you’re so smart because you stole a few elections? Look what you have running around in Paterson and Clifton. It’s like the Gaza Strip over there.

  3. I hope Avi Schnall will denounce the governor for this. Let’s see if he can stand up to the governor when it matters.


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