Bill to Eliminate EZ-Pass Surprises Signed Into Law

A bill signed into law on Monday requires the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to notify customers that other agencies may not provide them with advertised discounts.

The sponsors of the legislation aim to prevent motorists from being caught off guard when an out-of-state highway or transportation agency charges them the full cash rate while using an E-ZPass transponder for automated toll payment. This is because some states and toll agencies do not provide discounts to drivers from other jurisdictions who use E-ZPass, which was brought to attention in a report released by AAA Northeast several years ago.

“The assumption E-ZPass customers have is that as a customer, they are entitled to any advertised discounts,” Rep. Kevin Rooney, a sponsor of the bill, said. “That makes sense, but is incorrect, as prices are set by each individual agency that uses E-ZPass, as are discount parameters.”

EZ-Pass is currently used by tolling agencies in 19 different states, with almost 50 million of its transponders issued and more than $14.5 billion in tolls collected through them each year, according to data compiled by the E-ZPass Interagency Group.

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  1. how about when the toll doesnt catch your transponder. NY only bills your account for the amount of the toll. NJ slaps me with a $50 fine even though i have an active account with a credit card on file!!


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