Got a Ticket in NJ? Don’t Frown at the Cop – Or Else

It’s no fun getting a driving ticket, but if you do get one, you’re advised not to frown at the police officer – even if you think you did nothing wrong. You see, frowning at the officer could itself be a crime. Really.

There are many outdated laws; one of them is the one making it illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey, which periodically comes up for debate.

But there is also the claim that frowning at a police officer in New Jersey is illegal too. Is it really? It’s not too clear.

While there are numerous websites where you can find the claim as being true, a search through New Jersey statutes doesn’t make it easy to find such a law that is actually on the books.

But – on the chance it is real, and you happen to have been pulled over by an overzealous, well-read cop, you just might want to curl the sides of your lips upwards. Doing so just might save you from getting yet another ticket and maybe a night in the clink.

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