FIRST REPORT: Jackson Township Getting Its First Mesivta This Elul Zman

Jackson will be getting its first mesivta this Elul zman when Yeshiva Zecher Aryeh moves from its current location to a building in Jackson.

When the yeshiva opens for the new zman, it will be located at 404 Freehold Road, a structure previously held by a church.

The  yeshiva will become the first-ever private boys school – elementary, high school, or bais medrash – located in Jackson.

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  1. Yeshiva Zecher Aryeh is a fantastic yeshiva with great rabbeim. The Rosh Yeshiva is Rav Yaakov Eliezer Spitz shlit’a, son of Hagaon Harav Shalom Spitz shlita rosh yeshiva of shaar hatorah grodno in queens and a tremendous talmid chochom known for his immense yedios and bekios hatorah in all areas.
    May the yeshiva be matzliach in everything


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