BREAKING UPDATE: FBI Lifts Warning of “Credible Threat” Against Shuls in New Jersey, Suspect Arrested

The FBI on Friday morning informed Jewish leaders that the threat against shuls which prompted a public warning on Thursday afternoon has been mitigated. The FBI said it has identified the individual behind the threat “has been located and the threat has now been mitigated.”

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, NJ Attorney General Matt Platkin, and FBI representatives told askanim on a group call that a suspect in New Jersey who espoused extreme ideological views was confronted and apprehended by law enforcement late Thursday night.

The suspect expressed to investigators radical ideological views and hatred of Jews, according to officials on the call.

Officials said the alert was put out yesterday afternoon as they were concerned about schools being targeted during dismissal times.

The FBI says its investigation is still ongoing.

CNN reported Thursday that the warning was prompted due to an online posting on a forum frequented by extremists.

“While so specific target, timing or plan was mentioned, the nature of the post created enough concern on the part of the FBI that the agency decided to put a general warning out of an abundance of caution,” CNN reported.

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