Daylight Saving Time Begins Tonight

Remember to move your clocks forward tonight! Daylight Saving Time begins in the wee hours of Sunday morning when we “spring forward” an hour.

The daylight hours have been getting progressively longer since the winter solstice on December 21st – the shortest day of the year – but will now take a massive leap, with sunset occurring tomorrow, Sunday, at 7:01 pm in  Lakewood.

Not everyone is thrilled with the bi-yearly changing of clocks. A proposal in Congress called the Sunshine Protection Act seeks to make daylight saving time permanent and year-round. However, the proposal has been stalled for years.

Bills have been introduced in New Jersey to make daylight saving time permanent, but those pieces of legislation have also not yet been passed. Besides, Congress would have to approve it because current federal law doesn’t allow year-round daylight saving time.

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