BMG Unveils Automated Call-In System for Yamim Noraim Seat Assignments

BMG’s seat assignment system for the thousands of mispalelim who daven in its batei midrashim on Yamim Noraim is already legendary. The amount of work that goes into providing people the seat they want in the bais medrash they want might appear straightforward at first glance, but it is anything but that.

In recent years, BMG has been rolling out systems to assist in the streamlining of the seat assignment process.

This year, a new option for talmidei hayeshiva is being made available: a call-in system that allows people to request the same seats they had last year. The number to request the same seat assignments is 361-BMG-SEAT.

Additionally, there will be a self-serve request center in the chabura room hallway in the Beren building where people can also request the same seat they had last year.

And, as in previous years, the call-in number to request seats for davening is 848-261-8246.

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