BMG Roshei Yeshiva Urge Community to Sponsor Bochurim’s Learning on Purim

In a letter signed by the four BMG roshei yeshiva, the Lakewood and surrounding communities are being asked to sponsor bochurim to learn on Purim, rather than have them go around collecting funds for their yeshivos.

Last year, due to Covid, bochurim called people for donations rather than going around collecting, with tremendous success. The roshei yeshiva have therefore decided to urge the same be done this year.

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  1. Someone offered R’ Moshe Rabinowitz Zatzal to sponsor learning Purim night for his yeshiva but he said that it is better for the bochurim to collect for their yeshiva. They should learn to have hakaras hatov and help their yeshiva. Learning Torah is not the only part of chinuch. If the bochurim spend time making phone calls to get sponsors, that’s pretty good, but in that case you are not sponsoring any extra learning because they can’t learn while they are making phone calls.


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