Avi Schnall Sponsors Legislation to Secure Child Care Subsidies for Teachers

Assemblyman Avi Schnall (D-30), in collaboration with Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt (D-6), has sponsored groundbreaking legislation aimed at ensuring teachers and school employees remain eligible for critical childcare subsidies. This legislation (A1667) addresses a long-standing issue that has seen many educators unfairly lose out on support due to the unique nature of their work schedules, especially during periods when schools are not in session for students.

To be eligible for New Jersey’s childcare subsidies program, a parent must be a New Jersey resident, work a minimum of 30 hours per week or be enrolled in a school or training program for a minimum of 20 hours, and meet certain income requirements.

This eligibility criteria regarding the number of weekly hours worked is challenging for teachers and school employees, who are otherwise eligible for subsidies, but who are not employed 30 hours or more a week during certain times of the year when schools are not in session for students. Currently, a teacher or other school employee, deemed eligible for subsidies initially, may be determined ineligible during the redetermination process due to non-compliance with the weekly work requirement.

“For too long, New Jersey teachers and school employees who contribute tirelessly to the development and education of our youth have been disadvantaged by these eligibility criteria that did not account for the seasonal nature of their profession,” said Assemblyman Schnall.

His bill seeks to rectify this oversight, ensuring that these essential workers are not deemed ineligible for childcare subsidies simply because of the number of hours they work outside the traditional school year.

By modifying the eligibility criteria for the State’s childcare subsidy program, the bill guarantees that educators do not lose subsidy eligibility during summer breaks or other periods when schools are not in session.

In addition, the legislation simplifies the administrative process for educators, exempting them from reporting changes in work hours during the school off-season, while still participating in the necessary redetermination process required by the Department of Human Services.

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