Assembly Candidate Alex Sauickie Supported Anti-Semitic Call to Deploy National Guard to Lakewood

In the early days of Covid-19, then Jackson Council President Barry Calogero caused a firestorm when he publicly asked Gov. Phil Murphy to deploy the New Jersey National Guard in Lakewood to enforce Covid-19 restrictions.

Calogero wasn’t alone. Fellow Councilman Alex Sauickie gave his full support to the shocking request. On Facebook, Sauickie posted about Calogero’s request, clearly implying his backing of the blatantly anti-Semitic move.

A Facebook commenter noted how stunningly targeted their request was, pointing out that the councilmen would most certainly not be okay if other towns made the same request about Jackson.

“Our infection rate is more than 10 times higher than Plumstead. Do you support the National Guard coming here if the people of Plumstead called for it?” asked commenter Matt Genovese. “Should we have checkpoints on our borders too, to protect the citizens of Lakehurst, Manchester, Plumstead, etc, where the rates are lower?”

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