Yahalom Releases Comprehensive Guide for Sending Children with Special Needs to Sleepaway Camp

Yahalom, a division of Agudath Israel dedicated to supporting families with children with special needs, is pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive guide aimed at assisting parents in sending their children with special needs to sleepaway camps. This invaluable resource incorporates practical tips and advice gathered directly from mothers who have firsthand experience navigating the challenges and opportunities associated with sleepaway camp experiences.

Sending a child with special needs to a sleepaway camp can be a complex decision for parents, filled with considerations and concerns. Yahalom’s new guide seeks to address these concerns and provide a roadmap for parents, empowering them to make informed decisions and create positive camp experiences for their children.

The guide draws on the insights of mothers who have successfully navigated the sleepaway camp journey with their children. By sharing their experiences, these mothers offer a unique perspective that is both practical and empathetic, providing valuable guidance for other parents embarking on a similar path.

“The Yahalom guide for sending children with special needs to sleepaway camp is a comprehensive resource that empowers parents with knowledge and support,” said one of the mothers who contributed to the guide”.

“By incorporating the real-life experiences of mothers who have successfully navigated this journey, the guide offers invaluable insights that can help parents create transformative and enriching camp experiences for their children,” said Mrs. Fiona Kark, director of Yahalom Chicago.

“We are thrilled to release this guide, which we believe will be an invaluable resource for parents,” said Mrs. Chana Laniado, director of YahalomNJ. “By providing firsthand tips and advice from mothers who have been through the sleepaway camp journey with their own children, we hope to empower parents and alleviate some of the concerns they may have.”

Miss Tova Wacholder, director of YahalomNY added, “Our goal is to enable families to make well-informed decisions and ensure that their children with special needs have a rewarding and enjoyable camp experience.”

Yahalom thanks Raizy Benedikt, Shoshana Berger, Chaya Bogen, Aviva Fruchter, Miriam Gewirtzman, Esther Pransky, Esty Walter, and Malka Winer, for their contributions to this important guide.

The Yahalom guide for sending children with special needs to sleepaway camp is now available for download by clicking here.

Hard copies are available for pickup at:

Lakewood: Agudah NJ Office, 1999 Cedarbridge Ave. Suite 3A.

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