Will Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore Condemn His Antisemitic Ally Carmen Amato?

Just days after Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore condemned Toms River Mayor Mo Hill as an antisemite, Berkley Mayor Carmen Amato – one of his closest allies – was found guilty by a court of being antisemitic and as a result is being held liable for $1.6 million in damages to a former township employee.

Amato’s guilty verdict comes from a 2018 case in which a Berkley Township employee filed a lawsuit against him and others accusing them of discrimination and harassing her over her Jewish identity. See below for some of allegations made against Amato by the employee.

On Friday, an Ocean County jury awarded the employee $1.6 million for what she underwent. The order reads, in part, “Carmen F. Amato, Jr., John A. Camera and Debbi Winogracki aided and abetted Defendant Berkley Township in violation of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) and should be held individually and personally liable for these violations under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD).”

As an important aside, the same political action fund run by Gilmore that is supporting Geri Ambrosio’s mayoral bid in Toms River is the one still supporting Carmen Amato.

Now, Amato is running for a New Jersey Senate seat. Will George Gilmore condemn him and pull support for his Senate candidacy? Or will he only focus on condemning antisemitism when it suits him?

Last week, Gilmore said in a statement, “The actions by Mo Hill and Dan Rodrick are disgraceful and have no place in our party.”

Do Amato’s actions have a place in George Gilmore’s party?

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  1. how are we allowing this mayor to run for senate?? where are all our friends and askonim? why is no-one condemning him?

  2. how did Chairman Gilmore even make it back into power? we need to vote a democrat into office in toms river just to get rid of Mr Gilmore and friends.


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