What Should A Boy Say On A Date? | Rav Avigdor Miller Zt”l

Q: What should be the first statement a boy says to a girl on a date?

A: The very first statement should be, “Isn’t it nice weather today?”

The real question is what should second statement be. But one thing I could tell you, the less statements you make the better off you are. Let her make the statements because you’ll give away too much information. Never offer information to the enemy. Because what you say now will be held against you seventy years later. She’ll bring it up seventy years later.

So the best thing is to encourage the other party to talk. And the girl too; she should encourage him to talk as much as possible. Of course, if both of them are here and they’re listening to me, so they won’t talk at all? So talk about the elections; that’s safe.

TAPE # 843 (October 1991)

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