We Want Tuition RELIEF, Not Tuition VOUCHERS. Avi Schnall Explains The Difference [SEE THE VIDEO]

What’s is the plan? What’s the process? What’s the policy that we’re trying to get done? That’s been the question many have been asking after Avi Schnall released a video laying out the facts about tuition relief in New Jersey.

Due to the heightened interest in the matter, he has now released a follow-up video articulating his position on the issue and describing – carefully and concisely – what is capable of being accomplished.

“I want to clarify something this is not a voucher bill. This is not to create vouchers. This is a tax credit Scholarship Act, similar to what they have in Illinois, similar to what they have had in Ohio, similar to what they have in Florida for many years,” Avi says in the video.

“There is a tax credit scholarship in the state of New Jersey,” he continues. “There are tax credits given to businesses that invest in industries; for example, there are tax credits that are given to businesses that invest in historical sites. There are tax credits given to people that invest in the film industry… there are tax credits given to people that open up supermarkets and grocery stores in certain areas of the state. Tax credits is a very popular, common item in our state and in many states.”

The legislation that has been [previously] introduced, and that we hope to continue, is tax credits for corporations that invest in scholarship programs. They’ll provide scholarships to families to help them pay their tuition bills,” Avi says.

“That legislation is the one that has been introduced. That is the one that has passed committees. That is the one that has been voted on by dozens of members in the Democratic majority party,” he notes. “What we need now is to get someone from our kehilla to get back into that majority to revive that legislation, to revise the legislation, to expand the legislation, and this time, to b’siyata dishmaya get it passed.”

The first video can be seen by clicking here. The full second video can be watched below.

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