WATCH THIS VIDEO: This Bus Driver Should Be Fired Immediately

A dashcam on Tuesday afternoon captured the moment a school bus driver made the stupefying decision to cut around drivers at a traffic light, putting his passengers and other drivers in harm’s way.

The bus driver, employed by Klarr, was on line to make a left turn at a light. But when the vehicle in front of him stopped to obey the turning traffic signal, which had turned red, the bus driver simply went around him and made the turn.

That leaves us with just one question: why is this bus driver allowed to be behind the wheel?

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  1. Maybe he was in a rush because one of the kids had to go to the bathroom and he didn’t want to make the yellow bus more yellow.

  2. Because as the head of one school that I spoke to. Who says that the next driver is any better. We know what we are dealing with and we can always try to get them to fix themselves. This was after showing the head of the school a video of the driver texting at 60 miles an hour on the highway with a bus full of kids. One of the counselors in the camp took the video.


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