WATCH LIVE 11 AM: Levaya of Rabbi Zecharya Wallerstein ZT”L

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  1. לאסתי ומשפחתה היקרה, עמו”ש,

    תתנחמו מן השמים ושלא תדעו עוד צער. המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שער אבלי ציון וירושלים. הקרת הטוב ורב תודות לכל החסד אשר עשיתם עם משפחותינו. ה’ יברך אתכם וישלח לכם ישועות ונחמות מעל הטבע. ושרק נפגש בשמחות בע”ה.

    Dearest Estee,

    May Hashem grant you chizuk and mercy and bring you all to the land of our forefathers and comfort you with good health, nachas from all your children and grand children and may you merit all the blessings and miracles that life has to offer until 120.

    We send you comfort and deepest condolences and warm wishes for your loss.

    From the Segev, Wise and Sanders families.

  2. BDE. What a tragic loss to our nation. What a Blessing Rabbi Wallerstein was and will always be in both worlds. May his memory and light erased Amen. To our generations ahead and all those he so selflessly positively affected, the hope and courage he gave to girls around the world who went off the derech, he took time out to nurture.them back to Torah B”H. May his soul be elevated to the highest level speedily. Amen ve amen. I personally thank Rabbi Wallerstein for becoming the Sandak of my eldest Grandson Yonatan ben Devorah 11 years ago, saving my daughter from the gehinnom she was trapped in. Rabbi Wallerstein shlepped in heavy snow that day of the bris from Flatbush to borough park in the freezing weather to carry out this unforgettable mitzvah. G-d Bless him. Thank you Rabbi Wallerstein for saving yet another neshama.
    May all his family for generations to come reap the rewards of this amazing tzadik. To save one life is to save a nation and he spent his life doing just that. Dr Chanah Butler.


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