WARNING: Numerous Lakewood Residents Reporting Engine Issues After Buying Gas From QuickChek

Many Lakewood residents say they have had to bring their vehicles to a mechanic after filling up with gas at the QuickChek on the corner of Cedarbridge and New Hampshire.

Specifically, many drivers have gotten “check engine” and VSC errors after buying gas from the station. Mechanics are reporting that most of the issues stem from the gas cap – attendants at the gas station are failing to close the cap after filling vehicles, causing warning messages to pop up.

Numerous motorists also suggest that a single attendant at the QuickChek is responsible for these issues, citing his consistently foul mood and bad attitude with drivers, though this has not been confirmed.

Several readers tell Lakewood Alerts that the issues can generally be resolved by tightening the gas cap and leaving it for several days.

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  1. In general, it is good for people to know, if you get a check engine light, first check if your gas cap is closed tightly.

  2. Or maybe quick check should have more people working and more pumps working so that people won’t get frustrated on there way to work

  3. I would boycott the QuichCheck gas station. Their gas prices are anyways nothing special. They can keep their foul-mouthed attendant and we’ll just spend our money elsewhere. Problem solved.

  4. I’ve recently started filling my own gas at QC as it goes faster and there are never any lines by the pumps with cones that are perfectly fine except they aren’t attended at all..

    • Been doing that for months. There is no reason to wait in line when there are ten open pumps. I am capable of filling up myself.

  5. Although I don’t know why, isn’t pumping gas by oneself illegal in NJ? How come I have gone to quick chek and been told by the in store personnel that I need to pump my own gas??


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