Visas Extended; Government Offices Updated by Chaim V’Chessed

Until recent days, most Interior Ministry branches in Israel were closed due to the Swords of Iron War.  Now, many have reopened, but are operating with minimal staff, as many employees have been called up to the reserves.  Due to these manpower shortages, the Interior Ministry has announced a sweeping extension of visas.

In recent years, the Ministry has offered several visa extensions, such as during the Covid pandemic or, more recently, during the so-called ‘Passport Marathon’. Each time, there has been considerable confusion about the details of the extension. Armed with previous experiences, immediately upon the announcement of the visa extension, Chaim V’Chessed representatives met with senior Interior Ministry officials to clarify the contours of the visa extension. The officials shared the following information:

  • The extension will apply to all A-class visas which have expired since October 7.
  • As opposed to previous extensions, this time, B2 (tourist) visas have also been extended.
  • Even if a visa holder’s passport has expired, his/her visa will be extended nonetheless.
  • Visas which had been extended during the recent Passport Marathon will be further extended now, if they were valid (via extension) until October 7.
  • Visas will be extended until February 8, 2024, regardless of the expiry date (provided it is later than October 7).

Furthermore, in the past, visa holders frequently experienced difficulties in which other government offices were unaware of the visa extension, and refused services in cases where visas were expired – but in truth, had been extended by the Interior Ministry.

To head off these complications, Chaim V’Chessed representatives have been in contact with numerous government agencies to appraise them of the rules. These bodies include Bituach Leumi, Arnona (Municipal Property Tax), Mas Hachnasa (Income Tax), the Transportation Ministry and Meches (Customs).

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