VIDEO: Urgent Message From Avi Schnall On Evacuating Americans From Israel

Rabbi Avi Schnall released the following urgent video message, requesting locals to push the U.S. to send emergency evacuation flights for Americans stranded in Israel.

Rep Smith: 732-504-0567
Senator Booker: 973-639-8700
Senator Menendez: 973-645-3030
Rep Bill Pascrell (9) Passaic area: 973-523-5152
Rep Josh Gottheimer (5) Teaneck, Englewood: 201-389-1100
Rep Frank Pallone (6) Edison, Highland Park, Long Branch, Deal: 732-571-1140

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  1. Speaking more broadly and not to what Rabbi Schnall said. The mindset should be that we need to help those that are stranded in EY to get home BECAUSE life must go on and everyone that is stranded in EY has a life back here in the United States, a family to worry about or a job or whatever but the mindset should not be that I need to get home- and home quickly because I’m in a war zone and I’m scared for my safety because that such a statement lacks both Bitochon and the middah of being Nosei B’ol Im Chaveiro…. in other words I need to get out of harms way and to everyone else out there… well that’s their problem..

  2. Just spoke to Rep Frank Pallone office They Were Really Helpful and said he will be signing The Letter To The State Department

  3. I was just in airport the entire day trying to get any flight out and with wife and kid. Bh I finally got out and in Dubai now. I saw multiple groups from different countries that sent a plane along with soldiers in uniform to escort them and evacuate their citizens. These countries were Brazil and Poland but probably more that I didn’t see. It’s really sick how America or London isn’t doing anything, and wouldn’t even answer an email that I sent them requesting help. If everyone can email them, and even tell them you have friends and family there, it would really help and can save a life.


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