VIDEO TOUR: Seared – Lakewood’s Newest Luxury Steakhouse

Over the past month, social media has been alight with takes about Seared, a new luxury restaurant in The Avenue Shoppes plaza.

Pictures of the bills patrons have racked up at the restaurant have spurred debate and popped more than a few eyeballs.

As he consistently does with new establishments, the inimitable Efraim Feder of Imeprial gave us a little glimpse at this new restaurant.

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  1. I get sick to my stomach when I see this kind of over the top gashmius, in this case a new restaurant that this town can do without, thank you! It’s weeks before Rosh Hashanah and klal yisroel has suffered this year tremendously. The RSO is sending us reminder after reminder and instead of spending the little extra time before the Yom Hadin with a little extra limmud Hatorah or a little limmud Hamussar, many are going to trek out to this new restaurant and spend hours and spend hundreds of dollars on a lousy piece of meat that probably taste the same as what you could get in your own kitchen…. I promise you the RSO is laughing at us. How pathetic!! This is what they’re busy with weeks before the Yom Hadin????

  2. The RSO together with Rav Aharon Kotler,Z’L are certainly bawling their eyes out, to see what is going on in what was meant to be a Citadel of Torah, learning, and Yiras Shomayim.

  3. Looks goyish to me. I like my own homemade food much better. I liked the old Lakewood back in the days of Rav Nosson Wachtfogel,ZT”L who didn’t want restaurants in this town

  4. Just another upscale drinking saloon reminds me of the olden days . . .. . a place for men to hide and waste time……… so unhealthy and reeks of wasted money.

  5. No tablecoths?! Your motherwould have never let you open a slum store for the country bumpkins where tge plates are placex on.the table. Shameful.


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