VIDEO: Adirei Hatorah Holds Event For Shul Reps and Launches Adireinu, A New Initiative Targeting Small Donors

The groundbreaking Adirei Hatorah initiative has raised a staggering $120 million to exponentially increase BMG kollel checks, enabling many yungerleit to remain steeped in Torah without financial worries.

For the most part, donations to Adirei Hatorah have been from wealthy philanthropists who shoulder the massive cost of supporting Torah at BMG. But now, Adirei Hatorah is launching Adireinu, an initiative to have less wealthy tomchei torah chip in a small amount each month for the sake of the yungerleit and limud hatorah.

The launch was made official at an Adirei Hatorah event Monday night for shul representatives and other volunteers who made the event at Wells Fargo Center a smashing success for a second year in a row.


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  1. When they launch the program after Adireinu, the Adir Adireinu program, that’s more my budget then I think I’ll join bl”n…


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